CJWDEV & Process Prompt


Process Prompt is a cool little GUI that deals with getting the user to close application X so software Y can be installed/updated/removed.


Powershell v2 and square brackets


WOW.  Talk about a bug.  Rename-item can’t deal with renaming files with square brackets in it?  Finally after trying several times I found a real workaround for my situation (stripping [1080p] off of the end of folder names):

Get-ChildItem ‘*“[1080p“]’ | ForEach-Object {Move-Item -literalpath $_.Name $_.Name.Replace(” [1080p]”,””)}

Most interesting is that I had to double-escape the brackets in the Get-ChildItem arguments.  A way that makes a little more sense is the -filter option, it takes things literally, in other words this would net the same results:

Get-ChildItem -filter ‘* [1080p]’ | ForEach-Object {Move-Item -literalpath $_.Name $_.Name.Replace(” [1080p]”,””)}




From a MS MVP for active directory… some very useful and cool tools.  I personally use oldcomp quite frequently.


Sysinternals Suite


How could I make a list of software I use without including this one (the site is quite the tech resource too):


There is a package called the Sysinternals Suite, it includes all the current tools authored by them (Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell), they are all free, most of them are fantastic.



From Bare Metal Software, a (text) log file monitoring tool, small and fast:


USB Disk Ejector


Great GUI tool for dealing with USB drives in WinPE.  Verified it works in WinPE 3.1.




So I’ve been digging around looking at what can be done with WinPE and remote control.  I’ve implemented UltraVNC server inside WinPE and the console performance leaves a lot to be desired, it’s quite laggy.  So I started digging around for other versions, etc.  Turns out TigerVNC (based on TightVNC) was touted to be impressively fast.  The console performance with WinPE 3.1 did not disappoint.  One thing TigerVNC didn’t have vs UltraVNC though is the ability to save all the settings in an INI file instead of the registry.  That’s only a minor obstacle really.